Apple’s video editing app has come up with a new update to offer a more incredible video creation experience to the iOS users

Clips is a video creator available on all the iOS models. This application has known to offer limited features until its development three years back. Yet, the new clips 3.0 update covers almost all the incredible and pre-requisite features that aim to make sense of creating a video more enjoyable. This update rolled over this week on all the iPhones and iPads, offering the best possible experience to users of all ages.

This application now offers multiple interfaces that are vertical and horizontal, along with several ratios like 16:9, 4:3, and the already supported square ratio to shoot a video to make your video fit-in to the respective social media applications. Clips also offer a landscape view on the iPads.

iPhone 12 users can now also utilize Clips to shoot and export their videos with Apple’s Dolby Vision, which supports HDR imaging that provides outstanding color contrasts and the effects on your screen. However, this feature is only available on the rear camera and the users of the iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro.

This new update also offers a full-screen view on the iPhones. From now, you can view the former bottom-lined long horizontal list of the plethora of filters, emojis, and stickers on full screen. You only have to swipe up your chosen filter or any other effect you want to add to get a full-screen view on your devices. It can ease the efforts of choosing the desired filter by only swiping away from the long-lasting list. Apart from this, it also includes new filters, posters, songs, and speech shapes to add to the video according to your likings.

Susan Prescott, Vice President of Apple’s app product marketing, shares that this new Clips update gives more color and definition to your video. He claims that it is very convenient to use, and the consumers are enjoying this up-to-date version by creating new creative videos for either their school project or to share with their near ones.

Apple is also looking forward to altering the share sheet in this application as it has not a built-in share option like other applications. However, you can still export your previewed video, and Apple is also adding a separate button for it. So it is a sweet treat for sure.

According to the reports, Clips new update is an all in one video creation application for all the iPhones and iPads with unique and latest features for both. Clips offer an option of scribbling with an Apple pencil on your videos for iPads and a default HDR technology for iPhone 12 users.

This upgrade has made Apple's Clips a better version than it was before.

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