Google is Experimenting With Green Bubble Headers in Search Display

Google has been trying to make the search results that people could end up using far more organized for a long time now, and part of this has involved creating headers. This header can help search results into different categories sorted into a wide range of tabs including overview and history, and this can help user get the specific type of information that they might actually have been looking for at that current point in time.

A new update (as spotted by Shalom Goodman) that Google has been playing around with is more cosmetic than functional but it nonetheless represents a serious change in the way the world’s biggest search engine by far is currently operating. The header is now no longer going to be a block of color that would contain tabs but would instead consist of independent bubbles. This does lend to a more streamlined and minimalist design in a lot of ways which might be why Google is going for this sort of thing or the tech giant might just be trying to standardize its look across its various applications and services for the purposes of creating a stronger brand identity.

This might also help make these headers seem a bit more prominent rather than just being components of a search card that is shown to you after you have made a particular kind of search all in all. Each header does have a distinct aspect to it when it comes to the specific type of information that it would end up using which means that separating them into unique bubbles might just make it easier for people to realize what these categories are for in the first place. Google is trying to increase engagement in some way, shape or form, and while some may argue that the search engine might be better off pursuing other options other would acknowledge that this is a reasonably effective way to go about things.

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