Creator Insider’s new video suggests an interesting update about channel customization on YouTube Studio

YouTube has allowed millions of creators to use its platform for generating videos that is monetizable too. Recently, the platform has introduced a new way for these creators to generate unique content and upload it on their channels with the help of ‘Shorts.’ This is a new short-form video experience which allows various artists and creators to shoot short and crisp videos with their mobile phones and upload them for their followers. The length of these videos is 15-seconds or less, and many people think of Shorts as YouTube’s own version of TikTok.

Creator Insider is an informal channel on YouTube that basically shares information and new developing features and tools from the YouTube Creator technical teams with all other creative, hardworking and extremely talented creators out there.

Now recently, Creator Insider channel shared an exciting development about how creators can customize their channels.

So, in YouTube Studio, there is a section called ‘Customization.’ If you are a creator, this is where you can tap into and explore ways to customize your channel.

Now, this was pretty self-explanatory. But the new update that Creator Insider shared is, that, creators will be able to add a section for their Short videos and place that section anywhere in their channel.

This is going to be available when you go into your ‘Featured’ section, and under it, you will see the ‘Ad’ section. This is where you will be able to find your Short videos. You will be able to move them around just like you can do in any other part of your channel that you want to feature.

An important point to note here is that customized Short videos shelf will only appear for people who are using their mobile app.

This means that this update is not for web desktop versions as yet, but that kind of makes sense because Shorts is actually designed for video shooting through mobile phones only.

Under this video, there are many comments from the subscribers of Creator Insider, and most of them are expressing a lot of excitement about this new update regarding the customization of YouTube channels.

Some people are looking out for details about the official rollout of Shorts in Stable as its beta version is available at the moment.

Let us see when that happens and how people react to it once it is available worldwide for everyone.

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