Apple’s Latest Startup Acquisition Uses AI to Understand Video Content

One of the things that has allowed Apple as well as many other tech companies to reach the level of success that they are currently able to enjoy has to do with the fact that these companies find up and coming startups and acquire them before anyone else can. Apple has been making an even higher rate of acquisitions this year than it usually does, and its latest addition to the list, an AI firm by the name of Vilynx, might just allow the tech giant to take its photo, news and TV services to a whole new level by the time its next batch of devices start to come around.

Vilynx specializes in an AI that uses several cues to try and understand what is inside videos and photos that are being posted online. The main benefit of this when it comes to Apple is that it would allow the tech giant to compete with one of its biggest rivals Google by creating a search engine that would be more in line with new antitrust laws, thereby taking advantage of current litigation being pursued by the US Justice Department against Google, as well as added a handy new feature that would allow people to find results that are not text based but are rather contained within videos and photos.

This might just be the next step when it comes to search engines, and Apple in general is the sort of company that could potentially end up giving Google a run for its money. This new decade that has only recently begun could see the demise of the titan that is Google with many competitors starting to gain a lot of ground and now that Apple is pursuing such competition in earnest Google could be forgiven for starting to think that its days are numbered.

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