YouTube Tests Out Dedicated Filter for Short Videos

TikTok has really shaken up the industry, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it has shown that short videos, a niche and genre that was popular with apps like Vine but was considered dead in the water after Vine closed down, was still a powerful force in the industry and that users would jump on the chance to make the most of any app that provided them with the kind of experience that they had initially been hoping for.

YouTube has tried to catch up to its new competitor, and it has done this by introducing Shorts which are essentially short videos that you can find on the platform already. By drawing attention to short videos that the platform has to offer, YouTube is hoping to make it so that users do not end up going to TikTok and would instead get all of their short video needs met by looking into YouTube itself. This has not been all that successful as of right now because of the fact that TikTok has a huge dedicated user base and most users are not willing to go to any other app for this sort of thing.

In an effort to further push the kind of short videos YouTube has to offer, the platform is toying with a new dedicated tab that is meant specifically for short videos and the like. The new buttons is going to help make the videos more popular, and it will also have editing tools that are meant specifically for these kinds of videos all in all. It remains to be seen whether or not YouTube’s attempts to catch up to TikTok will be successful. Instagram has already entered this market with Reels, which means that YouTube has quite the uphill battle to fight.

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