YouTube is sacking some of the play-list related features soon including the ‘remove duplicates’ button, video notes, and auto-add options

YouTube has recently announced on the YouTube Help Center page that it will soon be removing several features related to playlists. As per their support page, YouTube says that these features that it is killing include 'Video notes,’ a feature that allowed users to add private notes to videos within their playlists, ‘Translated playlist titles/ descriptions,’ which allowed the users to add their own translations for a playlist title and description, ‘Remove duplicates button,’ which allowed the users to remove duplicate videos from a playlist, and ‘Auto add’ feature which allowed the users to set their own rules to automatically add uploaded videos to a specific playlist on the basis on the user’s specified criteria.

The reason why these features are going to be shoved down the drain by YouTube is that people hardly used these functionalities, although they were quite useful, especially the ‘remove duplicates button’ and ‘auto-add’ feature. YouTube says that they want to focus on improving features that are more useful for the creators. As per them, Playlists are core to YouTube, the most important aspect of the entire app, and by sacking a few features, YouTube is trying to make the user experience worthwhile and much better than before. YouTube has also mentioned in its announcement note that users can always access various other features that are much better and more useful for them to manage their playlists.

And then comes the deadline. As per YouTube, these above-mentioned features will be removed by 8th October, so, you all have a couple of days to enjoy these features before they leave the world of YouTube. And, if you want to download your data, you better do that before this deadline.

These are not the only changes that YouTube is bringing to its enterprise. Apparently, the app is very busy in the upcoming launch of its own version of TikTok like short-form videos, a feature that is being called ‘YouTube Shorts.’ This new feature is going to let creators create and share videos of 15 seconds or less duration.

YouTube has always been known for being a hub to millions of music videos, clips of shows, skits, and ‘how-to’ tutorial videos, but the time limit was not what it ever aimed for. However, after TikTok, consumer behavior started changing and shorter videos came in high demand. So, YouTube also decided to jump the bandwagon, and hence, its new app, that is soon to come on the beta version.

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