Facebook is rolling out the ‘Create Post Tests’ option for some users in the Creator Studio app

Facebook is finally rolling out a new Organic Video Post Testing tool to help creators test the aspects of their video posts while improving their engagement chances with their audience.

Social media expert Matt Navarra and Josh Withey of Yahoo UK have recently shared a screenshot which shows that a new option of ‘Create Post Tests’ has started to appear for some users in the Creator Studio app.

If you are a creator and if you are amongst those lucky people, you can access this option when you log in to your Creator Studio app with a pop-up indicator on your screen.

According to Facebook for Business guidelines, this whole feature basically allows a creator to create 2-4 variants of a video post that they intend to publish, but want to find out whether it will be good enough to gain popularity or not?

The next step is to test the aspects of these variants within a small portion of their audience. For that, the creator has to set some parameters beforehand. These parameters can be ‘Based on Impressions,’ or they can be ‘Based on Time.’

If the user chooses ‘Based on Impressions,’ the test will end when all the variants reach the combined total number of impressions and the amount the user has set.

If the user selects the parameter ‘Based on Time,’ the test across all variants will end after the amount of time the user has specified or set.

This test can end automatically also if the user chooses the ‘End Test Automatically’ option.

After the test ends, the Facebook Creator Studio app will determine which post amongst all variants got the best results with a limited audience, and then that winner post will be distributed amongst the entire audience of that user based on the primary metric that they chose.

The primary metric is basically what the user is trying to look for through this test. During the test period, none of the variants of the intended post will be visible on the timeline of the user, but once the test is over and a winner has been determined, only then the winner variant will be posted for the entire audience just like any other normal post.

This testing tool is currently focusing on Video posts only. As much as it seems to be an amazing tool, it certainly has limitations on the number of impressions a user can expect to see within their tests. So, it cannot be used to boost their reach for free, but it will give them a good means to maximize the performance of their post based on the actual response of their audience.

This tool is currently available for a very limited number of users, but Facebook is likely to make it globally available for people based on the feedback that they receive. So, it seems that the ‘Create Post Tests’ option is currently going through a ‘testing’ phase itself.

Hopefully, it will soon be available for everyone because it is going to prove to be a very important and helpful tool for video posts in Creator Studio.

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