Google Chrome’s initiative to add a redirect link to change password is a new feature to try your hands on

Following the recent updates of Google, you would know that Google is yet again working on a new feature. This feature calls for a convenient method of resetting passwords on Google if marked compromised and seen violating the data by any means.

Formerly, Apple, Safari, and iCloud have come up with this idea of proffering the users with the link that specify them directly to the respected page of change or reset passwords. It enables people to conveniently change their passwords of the specific site if anyone has hacked or violated the online stored data.

For this very purpose, almost all the developers have added a direct link in their websites and also added a URL to specify the users to the respective page directly so that they can easily and quickly do their concerned task.

The website developers have brought forward various methods of redirecting the users to the reset password page. It includes URL, HTML, file link, mod_rewrite, htaccess file, to name some that aims to forward people to their desired page.

Moreover, in the latest version of Google's browser that is Chrome 86, Google also aims to roll out this feature within the already designed feature on the web browser. It is looking forward to adding this feature in Google’s Check passwords section that has been designed to provide the confirmation whether any information or credentials have been compromised or violated or not.

Google has also provided developers with the link generation method. The format follows /.well-known/change-password. URL for changing passwords. It can allow people to directly open the web page designed only for one purpose where they can change or reset their passwords almost quickly.

One of the Product Managers of Google in the recent update has also claimed that Chrome will support the users in creating a strong password in place of the weak password that can be compromised easily and consequently result in the violation of the credentials.

Creating strong passwords can increasingly assure the security, says Google. This service involves the initial step of notifying the users that their data has been jeopardized. The option of changing the password then pops up in front of the link from were te data gets breached for making the account safe.

If the website supports the URL, it will redirect you to the specific page immediately, but if it doesn’t, then it will forward you to the website’s web page. To make this experience more convenient and easy to use, Google is asking all the website developers to add this link to their websites to ease the experience.

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