Pressure Mounts on TikTok as YouTube Launches Competitor

TikTok has managed to create a niche for itself that has pretty much never been seen before, and the fact that it tapped the short video market is a testament to how successful apps such as Vine might have ended up becoming if they played their cards right. However, in spite of the fact that TikTok has managed to become a lot more successful than people might have ever imagined, it is facing a lot of pressure from all sides both in the form of government intervention that seeks to prevent the app from finding the kind of success it deserves as well as big name companies creating their own competitors for the app that would provide services similar to what TikTok manages to offer.

The latest obstacle that TikTok might just end up facing has to do with YouTube’s new feature that it has just launched in India. This product is known as YouTube Shorts and it is basically meant to be a direct competitor to TikTok in the same way that Instagram Reels is trying to compete with the app. The fact that this app is being launched in India first means that YouTube understands that TikTok’s audience is based in those areas more so than any other areas that might be out there.

Some of the features included therein are somewhat new. For example, you can look into stringing clips together in order to make longer videos. The fact of the matter is that most of the clips that you would make would be similar to what you might find on TikTok because of the fact that YouTube has its own massive library of music that users can use in order to make background music for whatever it is that they are trying to create. This might just be TikTok’s first real competitor because of the fact that it is launching in an area that TikTok is famous for being successful in.

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