Underwater photography may become easier and more life-like with Apple’s patent for an iPhone imaging up to the depth of 60 feet

Apple is always keen to bring more futuristic and idealistic features to all its products, and for that, the company has applied for various patents for its upcoming devices. In 2017, Apple had filed the patent for an underwater imaging iPhone that could capture perfect, life-like images in 60 feet deep water too. Recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office has officially published a series of around 63 patents that have been granted for Apple, and the underwater imaging iPhone has also received a green light finally.

Apple iPhones are already capable of working under 6 feet water, but 60 feet depth is going to be really cool because different water dynamics make imaging difficult in such great depth. But Apple seems to have a plan to encounter all those hurdles that no other smartphone camera has ever been able to achieve.

Different studies tell that water tends to absorb red light, and due to spectral absorption, underwater ambient lighting conditions turn greenish, which becomes a problem to capture perfect images with correct lighting. Then, there are different chemicals, plankton, and other materials in the depths of water, which make the water murky and make photography extremely difficult.

Apple seems to have considered all these issues. It will come with various types of sensors, like a light sensor, a sensor that would measure the depth, distance, and orientation, etc. It will also be equipped with light-emitting and detection features, which will come handy in the dark abyss of water. The color-ambient light sensor will be able to measure the ambient light spectra underwater and above the water.

This phone will have additional features for color balancing, and it will take care of the issue with the ambient greenish lighting too. The iPhone will be able to judge the level of murkiness present in the underwater environment, and then take care of it through its light back-scattering and some other measurement tools. The ability of this phone to adjust the light and color underwater is going to make all the difference with underwater photography. All the features working together to bring out the best images from the depths of oceans and seas will be something interesting to look forward to.

However, this is just a patent that we are basing all our speculations on. Apple has not confirmed yet whether it will go ahead with making an underwater, submersible, water-proof iPhone with all these amazing features or not.

H/T: Patentlyapple.

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