Google Maps is bringing a new user interface for its in-car navigation system which is quite similar to the Android Auto app

Google Maps keeps bringing new features quite often to improve user experience. This time around, it is bringing some changes in the user interface of its in-car navigation system, and surprisingly, Google did not go far beyond for inspiration. The new changes in the user interface closely resemble the Android Auto app by Google. It is not sure whether Google is going to eventually merge the app and the feature on Maps, or if this is just an expansion of Android Auto.

However, not everything is the same between the two. AP has found several prominent tweaks that set this new car mode user interface apart from Android Auto.

One of the biggest and most prominent changes in the way the main buttons on the home screen are designed in the navigation pane. In the bottom navigation bar, there are two large buttons, with the Google Assistant on the left side and a mini-home screen icon on the right.

If you click on the home screen icon, it will open up an array of different features that you can select. There is a button for ‘Calls,’ ‘Messages,’ ‘Music for you,’ ‘Maps,’ ‘Podcasts,’ and some default apps like ‘Spotify,’ ‘Telegram,’ and ‘YouTube Music,’ etc.

By clicking ‘Calls,’ you will see three contacts that you have called the most or who are the most recent in your phone. You can also choose to Call someone else,’ from your phonebook through this menu.

If you tap the Google Maps icon, you will go back to the main screen where the navigation and map are.

Through YouTube Music, you will be able to choose your music companion in the car through your playlists on YouTube. It also seems that Google is trying to give a major push to YouTube Music for this new car mode for Google Maps. However, this is not the only source for music on this user interface. There is a mini-player for music too, and you can choose any song or a musical piece from your phone too. This interface has better player controls for other apps and media, and above all these apps, there is the main and the regular Maps view navigation pane.

So far, it is not known whether Google Maps is carrying out some tests on this feature because it is not available on any device or any version as yet. Let us see when it will officially roll out.

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