Google Meet continues offering unlimited calls in free version through March 2021 (Updated)

This story has been updated.

Update (29 September 10:30 PM): Samir Pradhan, Google Meet's Group Product Manager, announced in a new blog post that Google is "continuing unlimited Meet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through March 31, 2021 for Gmail accounts."

Additionally, the following new features are now generally available to all users as well:
  • Users can now blur the background of video in Google Meet
  • Users can now see up to 49 people at the same time in the auto and tiled layout options
  • Users can now cast calls to their TV, or join hands-free on the Nest Hub Max.
  • Users can now create or open an existing jam while on a Meet video call, with the Google Jamboard and Google Meet integration

Technology is changing with time. Every day we hear about a new update which in one way or other has affected our lives.

There were days when we had to write long letters for our fellows abroad and had to wait for days to get a response back. Sometimes we did not even get a reply because of many reasons but now we can easily communicate with our fellows through Email or online collaboration tools.

Google Meet is one of the apps which is very important in today's life. As this era is of artificial intelligence and social distancing emerging, soon people will not even have to leave their homes for work or school as everything will be online. If this continues, apps like Google Meet and Zoom will benefit a lot.

When the world was hit by coronavirus pandemic everyone was forced to stay at home and all types of schools and workplaces were shifted online. During this pandemic, Google Meet helped the public a lot as it made online classes and conferences very easy and cheap.

A lot of people were benefitting from this app as it was free. Many people even switched to Google Meet from other paid options as it was getting really expensive for them. The general public was very grateful to Google for providing them with a free app but their happiness was short-lived.

In a recent update Google announced that after 30 September Google Meet will be free only for people with a G Suite account.

G Suite is a paid subscription tool and people with this account can only access Free Google meet while for other it is paid. On 27 September it was announced by Google that from 30 September onwards meetings with a duration of more than 60 minutes will have to be paid. While all the meetings within 60 minutes will be free for the users. In the free feature, only 100 people can join the meeting at a time while if the users pay for it they can have unlimited participants. They can also share the share of their screens. Users who will pay for Google meet will be able to record the sessions and share it with the participants.

Although the premium features of Google are not very expensive but it will not be feasible for a common netizen.

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