TikTok users unsatisfied with the new multi-factor authentication feature as it failed to provide the security it promises

As the technology advances the risk attached to it also increases. People these days are extremely conscious about their privacy as in past a lot of social media accounts were hacked. Some accounts were also hacked in a way that the websites had to completely block that account forever, which resulted in a lot of users losing their followers. Content creators who are earning through social media apps were really scared if any day their accounts get hacked they will lose their hard work. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube tried their best to bring modern updates so that the Users and Content creators feel safe but TikTok was unable to do so.

After a lot of complaints from the user, TikTok recently introduced multi-factor authentication (MFA) security system. The two-factor authentication system works when someone tries to login into an account, they will have to give two or more evidence before logging in.

TikTok users were really happy with this new update but as per recent reports, this update is only for TikTok mobile app and will not work on the website. The users again were in threat as any hacker will be able to log in the Tiktokers account through the website via a browser. This recent news again scared the Tiktokers, and they reached out to the TikTok company.

In response to the complaints made by users, a spokesperson from TikTok stated that they are working on expanding this feature on TikTok website as well.

Even though most of the social media apps offer 2 steps verification, but still there are chances of hacking as Facebook and Instagram just like TikTok didn't pay much attention while launching this feature.

TikTok promised to solve this issue, but as per people there are still many other issues that need to be solved, like TikTok doesn't send a notification to the users when someone logs in into their account. But as per a spokesperson of TikTok once they expand the MFA feature all these problems will be solved as MFA provides all types of authenticity proves like biometric, SMS and email services.

But even after TikTok expands the MFA the executive's advice to the users will be that they still set difficult-to-guess passwords so that no one hacks their accounts.

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