Android and iOS users be aware of the scam apps promoted by social media influencers they might trap you

The technology has become quite advanced these days, and as the days are passing life is getting easier for us, but this ease also has some cons. One of the biggest disadvantages is the risk of getting trapped by fraud websites and advertisements.

This week security researchers at Avast reveled that some Android and iOS apps are being produced and promoted in order to trap people and get money from them. So far these apps have earned around $500000 by scamming people. Some TikTokers with high followers were the one who promoted these apps and received a commission in return. Researchers have caught 3 TikTokers who were indulged in this malpractice. One of the Tiktokers with 300K followers was caught in this wrongdoing. Another Tiktoker with over 28000 followers was also caught while promoting one of these apps. These Tiktokers are using their fame for the wrong things and there might be more of them who are not caught yet. An Instagram blogger with around 5000 followers was also indulged in promoting these apps.

These type of fraudulent apps pretend to be games, videos and other types of entertainment apps, and these apps advertise in a way that people get attracted towards it and they download them. Once the user downloads this app they forcefully ask you for money by promising you with a better version but in reality, nothing happens, and when the person buys new features there are no new things. Almost 2.4 million people have been scammed by now and this number is increasing every day. No matter how much cautious a person becomes, but when a famous person advertises it people easily fall for it. Therefore, it is really important for consumers to have a look at the ratings and comments of that app before downloading it, no matter who suggested it.

Sadly, according to BC, these scamming apps and their developers are still enjoying their presence in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These apps include:
  • 666 Time (Apple App Store)
  • Shock My Friends - Satuna (Apple App Store)
  • shock my friend tap roulette v (Apple App Store)
  • ThemeZone - Live Wallpapers (Apple App Store)
  • ThemeZone - Shawky App Free - Shock My Friends (Google Play Store)
  • Ulimate Music Downloader - Free Download Music (Google Play Store)
  • Tap Roulette ++Shock my Friend (Google Play Store)
In today's tech world, it has become really important to do a proper research before trusting anything. Avast suggests netizens to not trust any app which asks you for money above $8 and promises you things which you might never get for this much money. Secondly, if an app is asking for access to a lot of data points it might be a fraud, hence, to be on a safe side go through the terms and condition letter attached before making any payments. Often, these type of apps hack entirely into your system and not only steal your money but also your personal data and credentials.

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