TikTok is Finally Adding Two Factor Authentication

Internet security is a big deal, and it is something that the vast majority of social media companies and platforms out there place a lot of emphasis on. After all, most users are not going to be interested in a site that isn’t secure, and frequent security breaches can lead to users being concerned their privacy, worrying that they might not be able to get the same level of safety that they desire.

TikTok, arguably the fastest growing social media platform in the world, has lagged behind in this area. In spite of the fact that a lot of users have been asking the platform time and time again to improve its security, the social media platform has for some reason greatly delayed the rollout of two step security measures that have become commonplace in most other social media platforms that have managed to attain a lot of success in the market based on the services they provide.

It seems like TikTok is finally wising up based on a number of users noting that two factor authentication (2FA) has now been widely rolled out. You will get the option to receive a code on your phone through SMS before you can log in, making it so that even if someone has your password they would still need access to your phone in order to be able to get the security code you will receive.

One reason why it took TikTok so long to roll such a feature out might be due to the reason that it did not have the kind of infrastructure required for this sort of thing. Most social media platforms that use 2FA did not start out like this, they merely adopted it once it became commonplace. Hence, TikTok’s delay is certainly understandable, and now that it has been rolled out users will be able to feel a lot more secure while using the app.

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