Numerous New Phishing Attacks Are Targeting Your Social Media Accounts

Social media has ended up becoming an extremely important aspect of our lives over the course of the past couple of decades, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it has enabled us to connect with one another on a level that is far beyond anything that had been possible previously. With all of that having been said and out of the way, as a result of the fact that social media has become important it has also turned people into targets as their online accounts have become extremely valuable so much so that all kinds of phishing scams come up every so often that tries to steal their log in credentials and other forms of information.

Over the past month lots of new types of phishing scams have emerged. Some of these send you an email that makes it seem like your account might end up getting banned if you don’t follow their instructions. This usually isn’t true, but the scammers would do a lot of things in order to make the email seem legitimate. Another type of phishing scam that is going around involves the scammers trying to trick the recipients of the email into thinking that they can get a blue verification tick on their account, something that is usually highly coveted for a wide variety of reasons. This would generally involve the user logging in from a seemingly legitimate portal only to find that their account details have now been stolen.

One more form of phishing that you should be wary of is if you get contacted regarding some kind of copyright violation that you have supposedly committed. This is also a common tactic that is being employed these days, so be wary of it otherwise your account might just end up being compromised.

What the average user needs to try and understand is that there is a lot of value in their social media accounts. The price for an account is quite high on the dark web, which means scammers have a good incentive to target you. Be careful with any kind of correspondence you receive and also check the email address carefully so that you can be sure that it is official before following any instructions you might have been given.

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