TikTok Has Rolled Out A New Feature Called Stitch That Allows Users To Quote Clips Of Other Creators In Their Own Posts

Currently, there is a big question hanging over the future of TikTok in the United States. However, it is not holding TikTok back from introducing new features. It seems that to be business as usual for the company. The company has now rolled out a new feature called Stitch that allows users to feature up to a five-second-long clip from the video of another content creator in their own post. The feature is a way for users to quote and reference the work of other creators, similar to how users can quote a tweet on Twitter. The new feature allows you to pick and clip particular scenes from a video and add those scenes to your own post.

It seems that the company has been testing this feature since April of this year. On April 9, Matt Navarra tweeted that TikTok is testing the Stitch feature which allows users to trim one of their existing videos to record a new ending. For a social media platform like TikTok where viral content, and particularly making clips based on popular TikTok memes makes up a large part of activity and engagement on the platform, the Stitch feature makes a lot of sense.

If you want to access the new feature, you need to head over to the video and click on the ‘Send to’ option and choose Stitch. Now, choose which scenes you want to clip, record your own clip, and lastly, publish your video on the platform. The original content creator will be automatically attributed, and they will also be linked in the caption of the new video. The company says that it is up to you whether you want to let other content creators Stitch your content. Users can either disable Stitch for all of their TikTok videos or toggle Stitch for each video individually. You can find the option in the Setting and Privacy page of the app.

Additionally, the company has also launched a new marketing program to power TikTok’s ad business. This marketing program has currently about twenty partners, and it provides tools that marketers and advertisers need to run advertisements and measure the success of their campaigns. Revenue models matter to the company than ever as TikTok looks to sell its operations in the United States. President Trump has signed an executive order that bans TikTok in ninety days unless it is acquired by a US company.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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