The US-based Tiktokers celebrates as the chances of Tiktok getting banned has been reduced

TikTok an app with around 700 million active users has won people's heart by providing entertaining videos. But since a few months now TikTok has faced big scrutiny. Recently, TikTok was accused of sending US users data to the Chinese government, and because of this accusation, the US government proposed an Oracle to the headquarters of TikTok in the US for the sell-off of the app.

In response to this Oracle, TikTok stated to its users that they will try and solve this problem as soon as possible, and they even said that they are trying to make a commercial partnership with Walmart in order to secure the data of the US users.

Due to some issues and controversies, this deal hasn't been signed yet. One of them is that the US government has not set its conditions yet on what to include in this coalition.

Initially, the US government gave the deadline of 20 September 2020 to TikTok and asked them for their decision or else they will ban this app, and no new user will be able to download this app but as the Oracle/Walmart deal was almost done the US gave extra time to the TikTok so that they can finalize the deal. If TikTok fails to come up with a final solution within 7 days the US government will ban this app from the US play/App stores.

Last week the US government did the same thing with an app called Wechat but fortunately, this app wasn't banned, as The US government didn't have many proofs against this app. Similarly, in the case of TikTok, the US government does not have enough proofs to ban this app. The executives of TikTok even disagreed with the US's accusation on TikTok and they stated that they believe that TikTok is not a threat to any nation.

Researchers believe that as the parent company of TikTok ByteDance has always been obedient on cybersecurity laws, so TikTok might also be obedient with these laws, but they are not sure about it. As in the case of TikTok, it might be different. As per the reporters, there are chances that the US commerce department will not be able to come up with relevant evidence in the court and the decision will be made in the support of TikTok.

If a decision will be made in favour of TikTok it might make the US government administration furious, and they might become eager to completely take over this app for revenge. In other words, this case still won't be over and the US government won't be in peace until they sign a deal with TikTok which also favours the US government.

Photo: Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

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