LinkedIn Will Soon Let You Control Who Can Comment On Your Post

There is no doubt in the fact that everyone today wants their LinkedIn profiles to look the best at all times, only for the sake of impressing the visitors or even potential employers. Well, to make that possible with more ease and also to give you a better control of your profile, LinkedIn is now reportedly working on giving users the access to choose who can comment on their post.

The revelation about this feature has first been made by a well known app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared the screenshots of the new feature in one of his tweets and a glimpse of it shows that users will have the option to either allow “Anyone” to comment on their post, “Connections Only” or “No One” at all - depending upon their preference.

This indeed looks like a change that a lot of LinkedIn users will thank the company for because more often than not we all come across comments that are either posted by spammers or people who don’t make any reference with the given post. Hence, by restricting who can really comment on your post, you will actually be able to keep your LinkedIn profile as professional as you would like it and only allow those people who you trust within your network on the platform.

As the feature can serve to be a great way to beat the trolls on LinkedIn, this can also encourage users to put up more of the work that they have done in their lives in the form of blogs without being worried about getting bashed online.

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation on when will the company roll out wit the new feature or where the option will be located on the platform to restrict the access of who can comment on the post, there is one thing for sure that with this in place, LinkedIn will soon become a much better and more safe place than before - the one that will solely be more focused on initiating professional talks.

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