TikTok's Content Moderation Report Shows It Deleted Over 100 Million Videos In The First Half Of 2020

TikTok is one of the most-used apps for entertainment purpose. It has a total of 700 million users worldwide. TikTok was launched in 2016, and within a few months of its launch, it won people's heart by providing quality content. TikTok has been very famous for providing it's content and people of all ages and gender use this App, but since a past few moths the social network has failed to provide quality content and the number of inappropriate videos has increased. As TikTok is used by kids as well, videos with nudity and sexual content are harming the brains of the minors, hence many people have stopped using this app.

Many countries like Pakistan threatened to ban TikTok if they do not take a step in order to stop people from posting this kind of content. In response with these concerns, TikTok stated that they have been trying to remove all types of inappropriate videos, and they have been doing it since 2019 but this year the amount of these types of videos have doubled and only in 2020 (so far) they removed over 104 million videos which promoted nudity and videos which were against the laws. TikTok even blocked the accounts of people who posted these type of videos. As per research, TikTok daily removes 97% of the inappropriate videos out of which almost 93% videos with zero views, Which proves that TikTok is giving their 100% in order to maintain quality content.

A few days ago, a video went viral of McNutt's suicide on TikTok, not only one but many accounts posted this video, and this video was almost everywhere. People feared that if their kids will see this video and might become suicidal. So in order to control the spread of this video, TikTok decided to work with the 'Hash bank'. To prevent this type of issues. They signed an MOU with Hash bank so that they can notify each other if any videos like these appear. The only reason why this video went viral was that people posted different edited versions of the same video, therefore it became difficult for TikTok to get a hold of it.

So far TikTok has been extremely cooperative with its users, and whenever someone reports a complain TikTok tries its best to get the video removed. In India, TikTok removed 37 million videos which were against their laws. Similarly in the US 83% of the reported videos were removed as they were against the laws of the app. In fact, Tick Tock removed all the inappropriate videos which were reported by the users.

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