The Risks of Using Charging Cables That Aren’t Yours

A few month ago a charging cable known as the OMG cable began to make the rounds. This was not some kind of superfast charging cable either, much on the contrary it was something that actually had the potential to end up doing quite a bit of harm all in all. This is because of the fact that the charging cable might charge your phone but it would also wirelessly transmit data from your phone to a malicious actor that might be thinking about using it for all kinds of things all in all.

Back when the cable was first discovered it was not considered that much of a threat because of the fact that it looked quite obvious and it didn’t look like an original Apple charging cable in any way, shape or form. Now, however, things are quite different. The cable can look almost identical to an Apple charging cable, so much so that a non-discerning user might just pop it in without really giving it all that much of a second thought. This can be extremely dangerous when you consider the Internet of Things and how it is growing to a point where everything is part of an enormous interconnected network

Hence, if a hacker manages to enter the system and install malware, especially with the protocols put in place that can easily destroy malware if the user becomes suspicious thereby leaving no traces, then this hacker would potentially be able to access all kinds of objects and do a lot of damage. It is essential that big tech companies take situations like this into account because of the fact that until and unless they address it most users just won’t feel safe while using any forms of technology. Tech integration is crucial to the future of this industry so steps definitely need to be taken in this regard.

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