A USB Cable Can Now Hack Your Data Easily

With increasing digital threats, people now have to be aware of USB cables which can transfer malware into devices. A researcher last year showed how BadUSB was used to transfer malware, from a USB cable that looked like an ordinary one.

Recently, another security researcher, Mike Grover aware about the same kind of threat. He built a USB-to-Lightning cable, which looked like an ordinary cable and had a Wi-Fi chip fitted within. This was to make it work like any other Human Interface Device (HID).

The OMG (Offensive-MG) cable can remotely inject malicious data on any device, using a smartphone. For the execution of commands, the USB cable can be connected to the nearest Wi-Fi or with the hotspot of a cellphone.

Grover claimed that this OMG cable can start de-authentication attacks on 802.11, is able to hack victim’s password, flash the system firmware and much more.
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The researchers said that if this cable is given to other researchers, they can explore more about the uses of it and other attacks. For this reason, he is planning to produce more malicious cables and is going to sale them.

Users need to be careful when buying false USB cables. Operating systems also need to introduce security measures to tackle such issues. There could be a need for USB Monitors, a device which allows transferring power only but does not let exchange data.

This Evil USB Cable Can Remotely Accept Commands From Hacker
Photo: mg.lol
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