Facebook Introduces New Tools to Boost Election Participation

Facebook has been working quite hard to make it so that it can have a positive impact on the upcoming US election, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the previous election involved a pretty big scandal for the social media platform and the company would be looking to improve its reputation. Part of this campaign has involved establishing an information center on the platform that people can use to try and become better informed about the matter at hand.

Facebook is introducing another information push as it prepares for National Voter Registration Day. This will push the information center even more so that even more people can end up becoming as informed as they need to be and make it so that they vote for someone that truly represents the kinds of beliefs that they wanted to make the most of.

The information center will also feature a call to action that would help the user register to vote immediately. This is going to make the process much easier than might have been the case otherwise, something that could contribute quite a bit to more voter registration during this election. It could also improve voter turnout which can lead to a larger number of people being satisfied with the person that eventually ends up getting elected.

Facebook is also using its subsidiary Instagram to try and boost election participation. Part of this involves a new set of stickers that people can use to show off the fact that they ended up voting for someone or the other. This is a great way to encourage participation because it turns it into a social event. Facebook estimates that hundreds of thousands of extra people voted in the congressional elections in 2010 thanks to its efforts, so it’s likely that this would have an impact as well. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this would undo any of the damage caused by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, much of which still haunts the company to this very day and affects many of its decisions.

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