Does Facebook Influence Social Movements Positively?

We often say that social media platforms such as Facebook help to spread awareness and news amongst people regarding happenings all around the world. The news becomes a social topic or sometimes even a protest, all over the world, very soon.

However, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, believes that Facebook does not get “any credit” for its role in spreading awareness of causes that formed the basis of important social movements. The movements that she talked about were the #MeToo movement and #BlackLivesMatter.

Facebook’s annual session took place in July and with the leaked information, Sandberg was upset by the fact that Facebook does not receive enough acknowledgment in its contribution to social protests. Moreover, she expressed her grief because Facebook was the reason why these protests were held by activists and they are not praised enough for it. She further said that fragile topics needed to be addressed with bravery and dedication, which all the women did during the Me Too Movement and Black Lives Matter, but they were only able to do it because of the power that Facebook holds, or else it was not possible.

When Donald Trump was elected, an American lawyer posted on a pro-Hillary Clinton group that they must organize a pro-women’s protest. Because of this platform, 470,000 women protested in Washington DC. #MeToo also took over the Internet from Facebook, but it became popular in 2017 amongst women due to the topic of physical assault and harassment. Facebook was the main platform where women told their stories and showed their social unity.

The most popular hashtag this year would be #Blacklivesmatter. It became popular because of the sensitive topic it represented. Moreover, it became so popular that Americans came out on streets to protest against racists.

However, Facebook has also been accused of posts and content that are socially inappropriate and go against these sensitive topics.

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