AR Tech Expected to be used on Social Media by almost 44 Million Users in the US this Year!

It was predicted long ago that Augmented Reality would take over sooner or later so its success and wide usage aren’t surprising. On social networking platforms, AR has been enjoying a pretty successful 2020 so far. As per eMarketer’s March 2020 forecast, around 43.7 million social networking users in the US alone will be using AR by the end of this year.

For those of you unaware, this number constitutes over 20% (20.8% to be precise) of the social network users and almost 13.2% of the US population. Moreover, the increase is all set to continue as more social networking enthusiasts try out different AR features such as Facebook Camera Effects, Instagram Filters, and Snapchat Lenses.

In short, the hype surrounding AR technology has almost all tech giants figuring out ways to incorporate it into their services. While many companies such as Facebook and Snapchat Inc. have succeeded to accomplish the same, others haven’t had much luck e.g. Google Glass.

So, it’s only fair to expect AR technology to become fully mainstream in the years to come. Almost every social media or other media application that you use on a daily basis will more likely than not have AR features incorporated in the near future.

Via: eMarketer.

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