Instagram is most likely bringing a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for businesses soon

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher has recently tweeted that Instagram is likely to be bringing a new feature for its business accounts. It seems to be working on bringing the much needed ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for business accounts.

The initial reaction to this tweet is pretty encouraging as people are genuinely very happy to learn about this new development on Instagram.

Alessandro Paluzzi has also shared a screenshot which shows the different options a user gets on their business account, which include ‘Messaging,’ ‘Quick Replies,’ ‘General,’ ‘Promotion Payments,’ ‘Branded Content,’ ‘ Connect or Create,’ ‘Minimum age,’ and an entirely different option that tells the users to ‘Set up Instagram Shopping.’

Now, however, as shown by the screenshot shared by Paluzzi, a new option of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been added between Quick Replies and General.

FAQ is one of the most visited sections on a website. A good ‘FAQ’ section covers almost everything related to the website, or the products or services that the website is trying to sell. These questions range from being extremely silly to very important, but they are the things that appear in the minds of the buyers or the site visitors- so whatever comes in the customer’s mind is important and needs to be addressed promptly if the site is efficient and if the people who run that business care about their customers and site visitors.

Instagram is essentially a photo and video sharing app, but in recent years, it has become a popular platform for many brands and individual business owners. People love to use this platform to showcase their products and services, and Instagram also keeps bringing new tools and opportunities for these businesses to grow and expand to their full potential.

Instagram also brings new marketing tools through which these businesses find a way to flourish more.

So, if Instagram is now working on adding this new option of Frequently Asked Questions, it is going to be a great step. Many customers send DMs to these business accounts with their queries about different products that those pages are selling. Many times account moderators are not efficient enough to quickly reply to the customers’ query, and this can make them lose their potential clients. So, with the FAQ section, all the queries can be answered- the customers will not have to wait for the business owners or moderators to reply and the business owners will also be able to relax a bit.

It is not known if and when this option will officially roll out. Let us hope that it comes out real soon!

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