Google’s updated policy calls for exclusion of apps that are designed solely for spying in the life of others without their consent

Google is one of the web search engines that is contributing a great deal in providing its authentic service all over the world. Yet, other stalking applications are becoming hindrances in Google’s way to gain credibility. These applications track the user's data and provide it to someone else.

Google, in a recent update, alerts the developers of such applications to change these unethical settings on their apps. Google asks the developers to first ask permission from the users, confirm their consent, and then perform the remaining.

Google has also asked the developers to add a notification feature to notify the users that they are being tracked or monitored to assure their security. The time given to make the changes is of approximately 15 days that can be extended I believe. But, the developers that don't do so will be banned or removed from the Google Play Store.

Stalkerware applications are designed to monitor any individual’s personal information, data, track calls or messages, or spy on its movement. Some applications also take a record of people’s activities on other applications to advertise their brands or anything related to it to increase the market.

However, this rule is not implied in the applications that have been developed for parents to monitor the moves of their child or for various managing companies. They can keep their applications running without making any changes to their privacy policies.

Google has also warned that there should be no such application on Google or Google Play store that proffers with the APK links to the third party to activate and utilize the provided information against the Google’s updated policies. Google implies that policy-compliant applications that are monitoring for parents to track their child's activity are allowed. Yet, other developers can advertise their applications based on these lawful tactics but keep their activities of spying on other’s life intact.

This initiative of Google is the most respectable. It calls for the updated policies for the Google Playstore applications. It is very important to note that it marks all the applications using the Stalkerware app. or such applications itself will get excluded from the play store listing if the developers of such applications become unable to alter their features in 15 days.

It has notified all the developers to design their new devices as par Google’s programming policy and make the required changes to the former ones as soon as possible. Tracking applications should ask for consent from others to legalize the activities.

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