Facebook Messenger Will Now Support Co-Viewing

Facebook Messenger was at one point something that not all that many people liked due to the reason that it seemed unnecessary. However, this is a testament to just how forward thinking Facebook can be, since the fact that Messenger was now a separate messaging app allowed it to expand into things that the social media platform from whence it came couldn’t really follow through with because of the fact that it had so many other things that were in the pipeline. The latest feature that is coming to Messenger is perhaps the biggest example of how Facebook is trying to do something different with its messaging app.

The new feature in question will facilitate co-viewing. This basically means that people can watch movies and TV shows together on Messenger. This is a great feature that is coming at a pretty opportune moment. People have become used to interacting with each other at a distance due to the pandemic that is happening right now. When it comes to things like this, having something that you can use for co-viewing in a messaging app that you already use fairly frequently is the sort of thing that can generally be considered to be extremely useful if you think about it.

One thing to note is that the videos you can watch are going to be from Facebook’s internal content library. It is also it is important to note that Facebook didn’t just get in on this trend that other apps have been looking into this year. Much on the contrary, co-viewing is something that Facebook has been working on for a couple of years now, and this was just a good moment for the feature to end up being rolled out although some might still end up saying that Facebook is somewhat late to the party since so many other apps have already added co-viewing features with much larger and more diverse content libraries.

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