Google relocates the knowledge panel on its web to test the change

Google's knowledge panel is a great thing to hold on, yet the news that Google is making changes in it is slightly disturbing. The knowledge panel provides the ultimate information regarding the searched topic that Google itself has acquired from various related search engines. It is the quickest way to gain pivotal information about the topic conveniently and in a go.

As reported by tl;dr Marketing, Google is planning to move its knowledge panel AKA informative box to the center of the web searching options. It marks the relocation of the knowledge panel on Google. Initially, it has been located at the front and the bottom in organic.

The reports show that Google is testing its search engine result pages by relocating several options like knowledge panel or "people also search for a" section. It aims to move everything from the right side to adjust them along with the SERP's search engine results. It can make it easy for mobile users to access google more conveniently and the desktop ones to access everything on a single page.

The recent test depicts that Google is trying to remake its layout to make it easy to use and handy enough for all. If you are following the latest updates on Google, you must have noted the significant changes. However, changing the location of the knowledge panel can reduce the traffic of the related brands.

Google maybe is working on enhancing and improving the quality and diversity of the knowledge that it provides. It can also help in making an extra space for other brands to advertise on the Google search engine. It can more likely reduce the interaction and communication of the researcher with his searched brand as Google is lowering the number of posts visible along with changing its position.

Moreover, Google is yet again looking forward to relocating the other provided option that is People also search for from the bottom to the absolute top on the search result pages. It can also be perceived that Google not only aims to modify its layout to ease its consumers but is also desirous of reducing the brand traffic and increase the search traffic by increasing the depth of the search engines.

However, it is important to note that these changes are not presently available to all the researchers. tl;dr Marketing have highlighted these changes through their Twitter accounts. They have been seen following Google for a long time and have presented the screenshots and a recorded video to share these changes with others also.

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