Google Maps Rolls Out AR Location Sharing for Pixel Users

Using Google’s Live View in Google Maps is the sort of thing that can make it very easy for most people to roam around a city that they might not really be all that familiar with all in all. The fact of the matter is that when most people are looking into the various ways in which they can get directions, Google Maps tends to be the first thing they look towards. The only problem with this is that directions on Google Maps can be a little of, especially if you are in a place where roads aren’t exactly well maintained or if the city you are has its pathways laid out in a more or less unorthodox manner.

AR views allowed for the more specific elements of the location that you are in to come to the fore, something that can be enormously beneficial. However, now a whole new feature is rolling out on Google Maps. This feature is restricted only to people that use Pixel phones, something that Google is probably doing so that Pixel users can feel like they are getting something that is rather exclusive, something that other people might not be able to take advantage of.

This new feature that we are talking about has to do with location sharing that uses AR technology. This can provide a lot of contextual clues for people that you have shared your location with. Hence, if you are struggling to get to where you need to go, you would potentially be able to send your AR location to someone that knows the way and they would be able to tell you.

What’s truly significant about AR location sharing is how it currently looks. It looks absolutely cutting edge, and this is going to make it a highly popular feature for a lot of people to end up using.

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