Facebook Messenger seems to be working on several new features including group notifications for iOS and reply reminder

Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, has recently tweeted about two upcoming features in the Facebook Messenger. One of these features is exclusive for iOS users and it seems that Facebook Messenger is working on the Group Notifications on iOS.

Another feature that Alessandro Paluzzi has hinted towards is a Reply Reminder - a notification that will remind you to reply to messages or threads.

Now, this sounds interesting. Many times, it so happens that in our busy lives, we read some message on the Messenger and think that we will reply to them later, but then we forget. So, to remind us, Facebook Messenger will send a notification that will help us reconnect with people whom we often forget to reply to their message threads (just like Gmail Nudge feature).

This feature is especially going to be beneficial for the admins and moderators of Groups and Pages, who receive personal messages from group members, but they forget to reply to them. Sometimes, this gives rise to a lot of negative sentiment amongst the group members and followers, and it affects the group traffic as well as the page’s or group’s reputation.

A while ago, Facebook also started showing notifications to remind users about the page invitations or pending friend’s requests too, and it has proved to be quite helpful in maintaining relationships and connecting people more effectively.

However, if you are worried that Facebook will start sending you notifications to remind you to reply to people on the Messenger even if you do not want that, it is okay! You will have the choice to opt-out of this option from the Settings. You can simply turn off the notifications for this feature and disable the functionality.

Sometimes, people deliberately refrain from replying to certain messages and it can become quite tedious to keep seeing notification reminders to reply to them. So, disabling the feature is going to be there without any hassle.

About the Group Settings in iOS, we will most likely get three options. Either we can choose to get notified for all groups, or we can choose to be notified only when we will be mentioned or replied to, or we can choose to not receive any notification from any group.

So, let us see when and if these features will eventually roll out for the public?

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