Google is revamping Google Finance for an easier search for stock data, market trends, and other investment information

Google’s Finance service has been actively running for a long while now, and in 2017, Google Finance’s features were integrated with Search. Since then, the service has provided the users easier access to all information related to finance based on their interest, kept them aware of the latest market news, and has provided deep insights about different companies. With more options like ‘Market Summary,’ the app has successfully featured an overview of stocks that people follow in Google, their recently searched markets, and market trends, shares, values, etc. Even recommendations about Stocks to follow based on user’s interests are also made by Google Finance, all concerning the latest market news, indices, and different currencies. Users are promptly notified when there are changes in any of the stocks too.

So, after being so successful for a couple of years, Google has decided to redesign the Google Finance app on desktop and mobile. The latest design will make it easier for the users to find data for stocks that they are interested in, and to make informed decisions about any investments they want to make. This new design will officially roll out in the US in the coming weeks.

Previously, the site looked more like a long list of Search results all jumbled up in one place. The new design focuses on changing that appearance too along with giving some bold color splashes to Google Finance features for Stocks to stand out against each other in an aesthetically pleasing and highly organized manner.

Then, a tab of ‘Watchlists’ features will help the users group stocks, relevant news, earning details, and stats in one place. This will provide context on stock movements and market trends. ‘Later this year’ will let Google add an anticipated portfolio model that will help the users to tack gain and losses daily and see news relevant to the user’s portfolio. Comparing and organizing different pieces of information will be made easier.

All of these features will make the user completely well informed about what is in, what is not, and what will bring benefit. So, making investment decisions for them will also become breezier than before, with higher chances of ending up with success in the end.

The top of the page provides a Google Calendar to let the users save important company events, earnings calls, etc. that appear in the right-hand panel. Comparisons between major markets in the world can be made at the top of the Google Finance page.

For people who are interested in stocks and investments, but are slightly less aware of the key financial terms, they can find explanations and descriptions of these important terms and stats that will help them learn more while they are browsing through stock details and other stuff on the page.

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