PUBG Earns $500 Million In Two Months After Reaching $3 Billion Lifetime Earnings

It hasn’t been an easy few months for the various Chinese apps that are out there trying to make some kind of a difference. With pressure coming in from the US as well as increasing geopolitical tensions with China and its neighbors, Chinese apps are starting to feel the burn in a lot of ways. An example of this can be seen with PUBG, one of the most popular smartphone games of all time, being banned in India because of the fact that it is owned by the Chinese conglomerate Tencent.

This is coming at a time where PUBG especially is seeing an enormous amount of success. Back in July, PUBG managed to reach $3 billion in lifetime earnings based on how much money users spent on the app at any given point in time. In the two months that have elapsed since that massive milestone was reached, PUBG has managed to earn half a billion more in player spending. The truly incredible thing is that these numbers aren’t even all that unusual for PUBG. The gaming app has seen months where it earned well over $250 million dollars, which means that it is already well past the peak of any other gaming app. The stats show that PUBG is by far the topmost earning battle royale shooter this year, earning 1.6 billion as opposed to other similar apps such as Fortnite all of which have only managed to earn $300-400 million.

This might mean that governments that are banning PUBG might be enticed to actually take the game on if alternatives are provided. The IP owner for PUBG is already negotiating bringing the game back by removing Tencent as publisher. PUBG earns ridiculous amounts of money, and just making those earnings disappear is not something that can happen as there would be simply too much pressure from all sides.

Via: Sensortower.

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