Google Adds A New Verified Calls Feature In The Phone App Which Will Tell Users Whether A Legitimate Business Is Calling Them Or Not

Several businesses often rely on mobile calls to reach their existing as well as new customers, however, many people often do not answer calls if they are unable to recognize the mobile number. Some may worry that it could be a scam. According to the FTC report published in 2019, people reported that mobile calls were the number way used by scammers to contact them. Google added a new feature called ‘Verified SMS’ to the Google Messages application back in 2019, and now the company is adding a new Verified Calls feature to its Phone application.

The Google Phone application is officially available to more Android devices alongside this feature which is coming to certain regions. The feature helps people easily tell good calls from bad ones. The Phone app comes pre-loaded on several Android devices, and you can also download this app from the Play Store. The Verified Calls feature will basically tell users whether a legitimate business like a food delivery service or bank is calling, and it will also show the reason why a business is calling them.

The new option will show legitimate business calls with a ‘Verified’ badge which will indicate that Google has authenticated the caller and it is not a fraudster. The feature will display a blue shield icon, and this icon features the name of the business, logo, number, and a checkmark. Furthermore, the ‘Call Reason’ section includes messages about user’s confirm transaction activity, flight time changes, and food delivery.

In a blog post published on September 8, Google wrote that it has been piloting this feature for a few months, and the early results of the feature indicate that Verified Calls improves the likelihood of a person answering a call. Google told PCMag that safeguards are in place to prevent scammers from infiltrating this program, however, the company did not reveal how it is verifying legitimate businesses.

Businesses will be required to be authenticated by Google for the feature to work, and they will have to indicate that they are not spammer. According to the company, this will enhance answer rates. The new feature is being currently rolled out in India, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. The company plans to roll out this feature to more markets in the future. On the other hand, Google is launching the Phone app on select flagship LG and Samsung smartphones running Android 9 Pie and above. The application will be launched via the Google Play Store.

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