New improvements from wallpaper doodling to new call button and addition of a business catalogue have been spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta

WABetaInfo, the platform that tracks the latest features in WhatsApp has recently reported about several new features it spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android.

The first change that has been noticed is the addition of a new Catalogue Shortcut for business accounts which will enable quick access to their product portfolio. This catalogue button will appear next to where the call button is when it will arrive in the stable channel. However, this feature is not available even for the latest beta users of WhatsApp as it is under development.

WABetaInfo has already reported about several new wallpaper options that are underworking, and with its recent report, it has added that a new ‘Add WhatsApp Doodles’ option is also under development. This feature will allow the users to create doodles on their solid wallpapers and change the look of their background as they want. This feature also has only been spotted in the code and is not available for the beta users as yet.

The third update is about the Call button. Currently, we see separate voice call and video call buttons, but it looks like WhatsApp is working to merge these two buttons into one. When the user will tap on this call button, he will be able to choose between voice calls or video calls then. The functionality cannot change, of course, it’s just the call making process and the looks that will go through the change. According to WABetaInfo, this feature will initially be available for business accounts only, however, later it will be extended to other WhatsApp accounts too.

However, the current setting of having separate call buttons side by side is easier and does not even require any thought process to go while making a call. It is so simple already, so, it does not make sense as to why WhatsApp has decided to change it and merge the two separate buttons into one when they will eventually give the choice between the two options again later. Maybe it is because of the space that will be needed for the Catalogue Shortcut next to the Call button, or maybe they just want to try to make everything fit in a compact space.

However, it is not known when these features will eventually roll out for a stable channel.

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Featured photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty
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