Google Chrome for Android Gets New Page Info Menu Design

Google has been trying to clean up its design, not just in its main apps but in the Google Chrome browser as well which is definitely something that the tech giant has been wanting to work towards. Part of this has involved shortening URLs. Instead of a full URL, you would end up seeing just the website domain name with the full URL only being revealed if you were to click or tap on the URL itself, and a redesign for Google Chrome for Android seems to be taking a step in this direction.

The redesign has been done to the info menu that you would end up seeing in Chrome for Android. The shortened URL is there of course, but there has been a reshuffling of a few other things too, as reported by TechDows. The user interface is more or less the same, but certain information has been moved to different pages in order to provide a more streamlined experience for the average user at the end of the day.

One new thing that has not been seen in previous versions of the info menu has to do with the new permissions button which can give you more control over whether or not Chrome for Android would be able to access things like your location, microphone, sound and whether or not it has permission for sending you notifications and the like. This can make it a lot easier for users to end up controlling what permissions are given. Google is trying to make itself as well as its services and products seem more trustworthy, and the info menu redesign seems to be at least partially directed at solving this particular issue for Google.

Enabling this new info menu is quite easy as well, which will make it more likely that a larger number of users would end up interacting with it all in all. Interested users can enable the feature by enabling an experimental flag in Google Chrome Canary: chrome://flags/#page-info-version-2.

New/Upcoming Chrome's Page Info menu:

Current Page Info menu:

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