Apple Officially Launches Its App Store Appeals Process, Developers Can Now Challenge App Store Rules

Apple will now let developers challenge App Store rules. Back in June of this year, Apple announced that the company would bring a new App Store appeals process at its WWDC 2020. On Monday, the company officially launched this update, and developers can now challenge Apple over the company’s guidelines via the App Store Appeals Process. The company also announced that it will now allow developers to suggest changes to its guidelines via form submission on its online developer portal. Apple announced that bug fixes for applications that are already on App Store will no longer be delayed over guideline violations except for those violations that are related to legal issues.

The company said that these changes are now live, and explained that although guideline violations will not hold up bug fixes, developers will have to address violations in their next submission, according to a note posted to the developer website of Apple. The tech giant encourages developers to submit their Apple App Store and Apple development platform suggestions so the company can continue to enhance experiences for the developer community.

Apple introduced these changes at WWDC 2020 on the heels of a rather public feud with Basecamp, a software maker and creator of the Hey email application. The tech giant rejected Basecamp’s claim for bug fixes because the Hey email application required users to sign up on the web and there were no in-app purchases or trial options available. The Hey email service costs $99 per year, and the software maker felt it unnecessary to give Apple its standard 30% commission of that revenue.

Later, both the companies reached a compromise, and Basecamp made a free trial available through the application, and Apple allowed the bug fixes to go through. Apple announced the new changes to avoid a similar situation from happening, however, last month, the company blocked the WordPress app update. Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress (a content management platform), was redirected to include in-app purchases support. Furthermore, Apple is also fighting a battle with Fortnite creator Epic Games. Recently, Epic Games started offering Fortnite discounts for users who bypass Apple’s App Store purchases.

The company has been criticized for its App Store policies that demand a 30% commission from developers for listing applications on App Store. In June, the European Union launched two antitrust investigations into App Store and Apple Pay practices, including one, particularly around Apple’s 30% commission.

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