Google is bringing new productivity tools for tab grouping, filling out PDF files and saving them in the Chrome browser

Google has recently announced several new updates for its Chrome browser that can enhance users’ productivity to a higher level. Some of these tools are available in the Chrome beta versions, while some are on their way to it.

One of the most significant tools is tab grouping. It was announced in May 2020, and since then, users were waiting for it to roll out. Now, it has finally been launched. This tool is especially beneficial for people who open a lot of tabs in one window or have to open multiple windows with 10 to 20 tabs opened in each. Now, that surely adds a lot of clutter on the screen, and organizing these tabs and skimming through them all takes a lot of time. This new tool will let the users collect tabs that are of similar nature in one group. Each group can be named and given a specific color code. This will allow them to build a proper digital filing system.

Instead of opening multiple windows with tabs scattered in them all, these tabs can now be collected in specific groups and this way, the screen can remain uncluttered, and the organization of these tabs will become easy too.

To add more to it, Google is soon bringing a ‘tab throttling’ tool for idle pages in the browser as well. So far, it has not reached the beta channel.

Apart from this, Google has announced that tabs on the Chrome browser will start loading almost 10% faster than before. All these tools will surely be good for the CPU load as well.

Another useful functionality that is coming to the browser of people who have multiple tabs opened which are similar. This is the ‘tab preview’ functionality. By hovering your cursor on a specific tab, you will be able to see the image thumbnail, title, and a miniature screenshot of the page without having to open the tab and then close it because it was not the one you were looking for. Smooth and efficient! This feature is going to reach beta channels soon too.

Another important update is that Google is going to start providing users with the ability to fill our and save PDFs in the Chrome browser in the coming weeks. It will allow the users to pick up where they left off work next time as an edited draft will be available in the browser.

All these changes will work once your Chrome browser is updated. However, it is not known yet as to when these features will eventually roll out in a stable channel.

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