Facebook can cause civil war because of its additive nature

Recently, Tim Kendall, the former director of monetization of Facebook claimed that Facebook is now becoming a threat and is so addictive that it may lead to a civil war like situation. During the U.S congressional hearing, he also mentioned that whether social media is making Americans more radical and then may lead to the causation of social violence.

Kendall is now the CEO of time management utility named Moment. Facebook is a social media corporation formed by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellows. Facebook provides various social networking platforms to their users that include Facebook Messenger, Facebook Portal, and Facebook Watch. Nowadays, Facebook had also acquired various other Apps including WhatsApp and Instagram.

According to Kendall, Facebook is building algorithms that facilitate the spread of misinformation and favor distinct expression and may lead to various mental and health crises. Facebook is working to make its offerings addictive to its users and the services related to the social media that they provide to their users will separate the people with their intensity and speed.

Due to these variations, Kendall thinks that they are pushing themselves toward the civil war. Facebook’s algorithms are now rewarding shocking content that will be going to provoke extreme emotional responses from their users. According to Kendall, these Facebook algorithms are disturbing the wires of their brains and now they are detached from reality.

Many social activists are now running different campaigns and are trying to provoke Facebook to crack on the misinformation and hate speech against them. An advertiser boycott announced by these social activists and more than 1000 companies also joined them and they all protest on the hate speech for Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, the Republicans mainly focus on the claims of anti-conservative bias, which is now the most important point for talking of President Donald Trump. They pointed to different social media platforms' to occasionally fact-check the posts of the Trump that whether they are violating their policies on spreading misinformation as censorship. While many activist protests against Trump and Republicans have provided little evidence of censorship of conservative ideas.

According to Kendall, U.S lawmakers have to control and regulate Facebook because it can’t be handled and monitored by the social media network. He further says that without the enforcement of laws they will continue their mistakes and will always say that the will be going to operationally better next time.

Overall the Facebook has to focus on its services and offerings and as it is the most used social media network that has a huge number of users from various regions of the world so they have to be a bit careful about their decisions as it may lead development of additive behavior leading to civil war.

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