Facebook survey highlights the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of Gen Zers

On Tuesday, Facebook publishes a blog post regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the lives of Gen Zers. The COVID-19 pandemic not only affects our education and health sector, economy, and aviation industry but also had a great impact on Gen Zers.

Statistically, this virus mostly attacks aged people but had also affected the young generation and the effect is long-lasting. According to some Gen Zers, this pandemic had provided them enough time to pursue their hobbies, to meet their relatives and close friends, and also help them to make more money.

But to most of the Gen Zers, this pandemic had greatly disrupted their education journey and their career opportunities. Some think that the Covid-19 situation made positive changes in their lives while some think the opposite to them. Gen Zers still thinks that working remotely will not be a good option for them.

To observe the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Gen Zers recently the Facebook has surveyed over 15000 people. Among these Gen Zers, 79% of them think that this pandemic is good to develop new skills, help in reducing environmental impact, and is also very important for the companies to behave sustainably.

1 in every 3 Gen Zers says that they have used social media more than public gatherings to engage with one another. According to them, they are primarily depending on social media and their parents for getting news regarding the Covid-19. 1.5x Gen Zers says that they like the online learning platforms, and 1.4x Gen Zers like to watch online videos during this whole pandemic.

According to this survey, 1.2x Gen Zers use Messaging Apps and services more during this whole pandemic. About 49% of Gen Zers has been affected by the quality of the products and services.

This Facebook survey shows that Gen Zers had used various platforms to keep themselves updated more than that of the adults during this pandemic. 64% of the Gen Zers while only 31% of adults were using YouTube more often, 50% of Gen Zers while 21% of adults had used Instagram, and 33% of Gen Zers and 9% of the adults had used TikTok more often.

78% of Gen Zers says that this coronavirus outbreak is the most impactful event in their whole life. In the U.S, only 13% of the Gen Zers have a lot of trust in their government during this pandemic situation.

Overall the result of this survey is quite biased as some of the Gen Zers say that this pandemic had provided them the opportunity to pursue their hobbies and help them to spend some quality time with their family and friends while others think that this pandemic had greatly affected their education and career.

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