Twitter is improving its security tools to prevent phishing attempts and to make the platform more secure

Twitter had to face a blow in July when the accounts of some of the most high-profile people got hacked. These people included Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and some others big tech companies. The hackers used these accounts to ask their followers to transfer bitcoin in exchange for more in return. Although later, a teenager from Florida and two other people were caught for the phishing attempt, this incident prompted Twitter to do something to make their platform more secure for their users.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter previously said that the hacking attempt was also because of the vulnerability of some of the company’s employees who became the target of manipulation by the hackers. As per him, the company fell behind in protecting against the social engineering of its employees and also in restricting the company’s internal tools.

So, now, keeping all this in consideration, Twitter is rolling out new security keys and tool that will make the platform resistant to phishing attempts and will prevent the hackers to swipe the computer login credentials of the company’s employees to hack into the system.

Parag Agarwal, the chief technology officer, and Damien Kieran, the data protection officer of Twitter wrote in a blog post that the micro-blogging platform was already working on bringing more security features to add more security layers to the platform, but the incident in July prompted to lunge into bringing those features out as soon as possible.

They also gave some details about how these security tools will work. They will reduce the risk of an unauthorized third-party to gain access to Twitter’s internal systems and will also add more security for the credentials of the company’s employees.

Apart from these security tools, Twitter has also introduced some new training courses for cybersecurity. Parag Agarwal and Damien Kieran gave some details about these courses too as they told about two new mandatory training sessions that have just been introduced for people who can get access to non-public information. Twitter is also increasing the frequency and availability of existing cybersecurity courses for all employees.

It is not known whether the company found any employees involved in that hacking incident or not. But anyway, it is still reassuring to know that the company is taking some steps to improve its security cover through these new tools.

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