Apple Is Delaying A New Change To Its Privacy Policy That Would Impact How Ads Are Targeted On Apple Devices

It is expected that Apple will launch the official version of iOS 14 in the upcoming few weeks. This week, the company announced that it would delay a controversial change to its privacy policy that would impact how ads are targeted on iOS and iPadOS devices. This change would require app developers to receive permission from users to gather data and track them across smartphone applications and sites on iOS and iPadOS devices. On Thursday, the company announced in a developer update that it would delay this change until early next year, and developers will have the time to comply with this software change.

The company told media outlets that when this change is enabled, a system prompt will give iOS and iPadOS mobile users the ability to allow or reject that tracking on an application-by-application basis. The company also added that it wants to give app developers the time to make necessary changes. As a result, the requirement to use this permission will go into effect in early 2021. The company announced new privacy changes in June of this year that were slated to go in to effect with the release of iOS 14 this fall.

Facebook is among the most concerned companies about the new change, and it said last week that the software move by Apple would cut revenue for developers who rely on Apple’s in-app advertising network.

The privacy change involves an identifier called Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) that lets marketers track how well their advertisement performs. This allows developers to make better and more informed choices on their digital advertising spend. Overall, we are talking about a huge industry being disrupted as a report published by eMarketer indicates that the United States smartphone advertising reached $87.3 billion during 2019. Furthermore, the application install advertising spend across the globe was $57.8 billion last year, according to AppsFlyer data.

Facebook said last week that the social media giant would stop using unique identifiers Apple intends to warn people about. Although Apple is not necessarily going to war with the smartphone advertising industry, its new privacy feature is among the company’s most aggressive developer policy changes Apple has introduced recently. The new privacy feature will display a prompt when an application has requested for IDFA code, and several people are expected to decline. Facebook says that this will ‘severely impact’ its advertising network, reported Bloomberg last week.

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