Instagram Stories are most likely coming to the main Facebook app pretty soon

Matt Navarra, the famous social media commentator, and analyst has recently posted a tweet (from @ec_wife) that Facebook has started some new tests on bringing Instagram Stories to the main Facebook app. Later, he confirmed this piece of information with Alexandru Voica, a Facebook representative.

Alexandru Voica has not only confirmed but has tried to give a detailed account of what this new update will entail. He said that this news is true, and Facebook is testing a new feature that will give people the option to view Stories from Instagram on Facebook. This will make it easier to view moments from the lives of people who you care about, regardless of what app you are using. However, to see Instagram Stories in the Facebook app, it is necessary to have both accounts linked and the users have to opt for the setting. Since this feature respects all the existing privacy parameters of both apps, users will have a choice whether they want to have their Stories visible on Facebook or not? Apart from this, the feature is in limited testing now and Facebook is looking forward to the feedback of the users and will bring changes according to the public’s demand.

About the question that who amongst the followers can choose to view your Instagram Story from Facebook; for that, two options are given.

1) Your Instagram followers who choose to link their accounts to Facebook and turn on the viewing setting.

2) People on Facebook who do not follow you on Instagram cannot see your Ig Story.

The overall app experience will not change as you will still be sharing with the same people on both apps, and your name will appear as the same; there will be no change in your profile or anything that you have shared so far. You will also be able to see all the story views and replies on Instagram.

Although it is not known yet, it looks like this feature will soon roll out for everyone. However, the initial responses to this news by people are not so positive. Many people believe that Facebook is just trying to get back its lost audience, while some believe that this integration will be very confusing. Some people also think that Facebook is trying to stabilize itself before the upcoming US Presidential Election. In short, generally, people are finding this update quite unnecessary at the moment.

Now, let us wait and watch how it all turns out eventually.

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