Facebook is worried about the new privacy changes in iOS 14 and warns developers about impending doom for the targeted ad business

Apple’s new iOS 14 is coming in a couple of months, and Apple has announced several interesting consumer-facing features that will be introduced through this update. One feature has made Facebook, developers, and advertisers go crazy with worry and concern. Apple will ask the user’s permission if it can collect the user’s device’s ID for Advertisers, IDFA, or not? If the user allows Apple, then only this code will be shared with other apps, and if the user does not opt for it, then Apple will respect their privacy. This will prevent users from seeing targeted ads.

IDFA is a unique code that Apple issues to every device. Different apps use this code and track user activity across the internet and on various platforms. Facebook and advertisers then use this user-activity data and collect the information about their prospective clients. Then, they place targeted ads for advertisers on different apps based on the knowledge collected about the user’s interests, area, age, etc. Facebook does all this tracking through its Audience Network Program.

Now, Apple is going to make a change and will let the user choose whether they want to become a target audience for different ads or not? Facebook thinks that this new setting will make IDFA useless and the Audience Network Program will become ineffective on iOS 14. Facebook’s ability to deliver targeted ads on iOS 14 will become severely limited, and some users will see a few ads while others may not see any ads. In any case, the ad business is going to suffer badly because less advertising means less marketing. Less marketing means even lesser sales. The advertisers will not be able to target their audience accurately and this will also have a bad effect on marketing campaigns and small-medium businesses.

Facebook is especially angry because it feels that Apple acted irrationally and without consulting with Facebook first. Facebook says that industry consultation is necessary when critical decisions are taken in changing app and platform policies.

Facebook also feels that majority of users will not opt for ads, and that is going to be disastrous for the developers and ad businesses., as it may cause a loss of $80 million approximately.

However, the thing to remember is that many people like to watch these ads because they save time and lead the user in the right direction mostly. So, it is also possible that majority users end up opting for these ads!

Let us see how it all turns out eventually!

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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