Facebook Will Soon Show Hashtag Usage Metrics Well In-Line!

Hashtags is that one tool on the internet that to date can do wonders for you only if you are able to use them correctly. The whole game relies on how well you first pick out the most trending hashtags on social media and then make a post that revolves around them to appear in the search results.

Considering its significance, Facebook now is about to make a move that will show hashtag usage metrics in-line right when you are about to type in the “Create Post” tab. This change also means that you will not only get to see the most trending hashtags on Facebook easily but you will now be able to see the post count for each hashtag as well.

As first spotted by Matt Navara - a social media industry commentator, the screenshots tweeted by him of the new feature shows that the move seems very much inspired by Facebook’s own strategy for Instagram in recent times.

A lot of Instagrammers and marketers check the most trending hashtags (including the post count) before posting anything which indeed improves the chance of your picture being visible to more and more people, in case if they follow the hashtag or are interested in it.

Facebook adopting the similar strategy for its parent platform can be that one trick that has the potential to bring back its lost engagement. As Facebook is now a place known for having a large variety of content available for its users, people can explore all that is happening around the world with the help of hashtags well in line.

If you are a marketer who wants to take advantage of it, you will now have all the post related hashtags lined up in a sequence based on the number of posts right in the Create Post section and all you are bound to do is devise a strategy that will now pretty much look Instagram like.

There have always been arguments about whether hashtags are useful on Facebook or not as the algorithms haven’t really supported the idea of hashtags ever since Facebook first introduced it back in the years, but with this formal change, it seems like Facebook is serious about making its users enjoy the ease of hashtags.

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