Adobe is bringing an Artificial Intelligence-powered replacement tool to Photoshop to create beautiful background skies

An influencer’s dream is to click beautiful pictures, then edit them perfectly, and then post them on Instagram and other social media platforms to show how amazing life is. To achieve such goals, Photoshop tools become their best friends! Recently, Adobe made an announcement that has brought a lot of happiness to Instagram’s travel influencers especially. Adobe is working on a new Artificial Intelligence-powered sky replacement tool to its Photoshop. This tool will easily replace whatever type of sky view you have right now, and it will swap it with any dreamy and beautiful view of the sky that you particularly need for your photos.

The company has released a preview of this new tool on YouTube, and will most probably explain it further or give more information related to its release in Adobe Max Conference, which is supposed to be held from 20th- 22nd October 2020.

As per the sources, this tool uses machine learning technology that identifies the foreground and background, and unlike previous, less ‘groomed’ Photoshop tools, you will not have to use some complicated masking technique to separate the foreground from the background. You can look through a huge number of preset skies, and when you choose one sky for your picture, the algorithms will read through it, judge the warmth and temperature of the picture, and slightly alter other dynamics of the foreground of the picture to match the new sky in the background.

So, if you are a travel influencer and you are looking for a perfect sunset, through this tool, you may find the most amazing sunset-tinged sky for your picture. Once you choose it for the background, the algorithms of this tool will adjust the foreground of the picture automatically and update it with the new background and give you a flawless picture with a beautiful view of the sky and sunset.

However, Adobe is not the first company that has come up with a sky replacement tool. In 2019 only, Artificial Intelligence-powered picture editor Luminar also introduced a one-click sky replacement tool. The difference is just that now, it is Adobe that is bringing a tool like this for the first time to its picture editors, and that too it is something that incorporates machine learning technology.

Graphic designers have expressed mixed feelings about the new feature because they were unable to judge the feature or evaluate its exact merit through a simple demo video, even though the color matching and the overall picture editing seemed pretty awesome. So, unless the feature officially rolls out and people do not get a chance to try it first, nothing much can be said.

Sadly, Adobe has not said anything about when this feature will come to Photoshop. Let us hope to hear about it in the Adobe Max Conference next month.

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