YouTube is bringing in features for creators that will show the real-time views in full screen and Stories analytics

Creator Insider is an unofficial YouTube channel that shares insights about recent developments and updates on YouTube from the technical team with the Creator community.

Recently, a Creator Insider video announced several new features that YouTube is adding to its Creator Studio dashboard. There is going to be a new display for Stories analytics in the YouTube mobile app too.

Several months ago, YouTube had come up with some analytics options for the Creator Studio, and now, these new features and tools will further make things easy and efficient for the creators.

The video analytics overview used to look too small for most of the users, so now, YouTube has brought some changes in the layout so that it now resembles the channel analytics format. Aside from the overview layout, a new real-time performance indicator has been added as a section on the right side of the screen. This real-time indicator, as the name suggests, will provide the creators the ability to look at their uploaded videos’ real-time views on full screen. To enable this, a ‘See More’ button has been added to the layout.

YouTube has been trying to help the creators by bringing advanced analytics and data tools in the video analytics display for the past few months. They even added a feature called revenue made per 1,000 views or Revenue per mille  (RPM) metric, which lets the creators check out their earnings per 1000 views of their uploaded videos.

Now, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the overall economic situation has turned quite bad. Advertisers have been cutting out on production costs and that has adversely affected their spending on YouTube. Most YouTubers are now seeing a 30-50% decline in their cost per mille due to this reason. So, these new and advanced analytics tools can really help these creators in learning more about their progress and to create their content around what the viewers and their followers demand from them especially. These tools also help in creating a more transparent environment on the platform.

Creators will now get insights about the reasons for over or underperformance of their videos, and they will also get notifications regarding any changes in the search or external traffic.

Creator Insider video further updated that YouTube is also bringing a new form of Stories analytics on the home-screen of YouTube’s mobile app. This feature will display the total views and subscribers gained from Stories that the creator posted in the past 14 days. This feature will also help the creators to know about their performance and their channel’s progress.

All these features are going to officially roll out in the next few weeks.

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