Cameo Filter, A Snapchat feature to make your life fun and more enjoyable

Snapchat is offering its users a treat by adding a new feature on its application. This new feature is known as Cameo video editing, regarded as an alternative to the Bitmoji. It enables people to convert their photos and videos into an animated video or Gif, by using deepfake to outline human images and recordings to make a Snapchat Cameos following the likings of the user.

In an interview, the Snapchat spokesperson has claimed that since the past few months, Snapchat has gained significant growth soon after revealing this new feature.

It has reported that Snapchat company is developing this new favorite filter to attract its users back that have lost their interest as TikTok and other video recording applications have upgraded their apps to the whole next level. However, this new feature is yet only available to map human faces to make human animations of different moods and doesn’t support animals or any other creatures.

Moreover, this feature is simple to use and a perfect solution for online entertainment with friends and family. It lets its users animate themselves with Cameo filter and leads to enjoying a particular face on different animated videos, expressions, or emojis.

It proffers you to feed in your face directly into your favorite or required animation in seconds, and it is ready to send. You can express your moods, expose your motions like crazily dancing, sleeping, flinching, to name some. You barely have to open a cameo filter on your Snapchat, select a relatable sticker or video, and it will apply your face in it. This filter has made Snapchat engaging to use.

Notedly, after the addition of the Cameo feature, Snapchat has now decided to extend it. Along with sending animated GIFs only in an inbox, it has allowed the users to send the Cameo animated snaps directly either as a cameo sticker or GIF. Additionally, Snapchat adds new stickers and GIFs every week in their already made stock, which is recognizable.

Cameo filter is both for a person himself, or you can animate yourself with your friend; it is totally up to you! Although this filter is being regarded as an alternative to the Bitmoji feature, it is slightly different but exercising the same purpose.

So, if you are bored from using the same bitmoji emojis and want to experience anything new, then you can now use these innovative Cameo filters. These animations are also shareable in other social media applications.

Snapchat has proven itself as a loving friend to its users.

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