Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn show most ads to the users, while TikTok shows the least amount of ads

Recently, WhistleOut carried out a survey and analyzed more than 8750 social media posts from 175 different accounts. According to their report, the social media apps that show the highest number of ads to the users are Facebook and Instagram. The peak ad saturation on these apps can go beyond 42% of the content on user feeds.

As per the results, 21.2% of posts in users’ feed on Facebook are comprised of advertisements. Instagram is in the second position with 20.6%, and for LinkedIn, it is 19.6%. Twitter shows about 14.2% of ads on the user feed, and TikTok shows the lowest percentage of ads, hardly about 2.4%.

These percentages are not the same as peak ad saturation. The highest percentage of ads shown to a user on their feed is also not determined through this percentage analysis.

As an estimate, an average user sees one ad for every five posts, so the ratio is usually 1:5. However, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are quite notoriously famous by increasing this ratio up to 4:10, which means that they can show four ads for every ten posts.

The peak ad saturation can increase with the amount of time a user spends in one app. For example, it has been noted that Instagram shows more ads as the user spends more time in the app. So, if a user spends 52 minutes on Instagram, they are most likely going to see the second-highest ad percentage. But if a user spends around 44 minutes on TikTok, they will still see the lowest number of ads.

Another ironically amusing thing that WhistleOut noticed through their survey on the types of users and their different social media habits, interactions and responses to paid posts, their reactions towards advertisements, and it found out that these apps show 5% of more ads to the respondents who report ads! This shows that clicking on ads will not get you more prone to seeing ads, but the way you respond can influence your ad-viewing experience.

As much as ads are annoying, they are a major source of income for various apps and sites. Ads are like something extremely irritating, but yet you have to tolerate them because they give your app or site money.

It is surprising not to find YouTube in this list of top-most apps that show ads because Google YouTube's parent company shows a ridiculous amount of ads in between videos and in search pages and it is just extremely annoying most of the time. Even with the ‘skip ad’ option, they still majorly hinder and affect a user’s experience.

There are hardly any ads that are actually beneficial for the users, and most of them just waste a lot of time. But as said before, they are a bitter pill that has to be swallowed as there is no other option around them.

what percentage of posts in users feed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok are advertisements?

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