ACSI E-Business Report 2019-2020: Consumer Satisfaction with Social Media Falls 2.8 Percent

Visits to general news sites as well as the usage of social media platforms have skyrocketed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) E-Business Report 2019-2020 indicates that consumer satisfaction in three e-business categories including social media, news and opinion, and search engines and information has weakened.

Managing Director at the American Customer Satisfaction Index, David VanAmburg, stated that the increase in users did not improve customer satisfaction in these three categories. The social media category decreased by 2.8% to an ASCI score of seventy, and the category was placed in the last five among 46 industries. Pinterest and YouTube suffered a 4% drop to a score of 77 and 75, respectively.

This year marks the lowest satisfaction level for Instagram (down 1%, score 71) since ASCI first measured the satisfaction level of Instagram back in 2015. Although Tumblr climbed 3%, it ranked worst in class for website navigation.

The customer satisfaction with news and opinion sites hit a high point last year, however, the category suffered a drop of 3.9% to a score of 74. This decline is widespread, and the data indicates that the overall expectations of readers have decreased significantly in 2020. was ranked on top among individually measured websites, and the score decreased 4% to 75.

In comparison, and both achieved a score of 72, and suffered the largest decline (8%, score 70). It is worth noting that the is the only news website to buck the declining trend of user satisfaction, and moved up 1%. Lastly, HuffPost finishes in last place with an ASCI score of 69.

Discussing customer satisfaction with the last category - search engine and information, it continues to decline. The user satisfaction with search engines and information decreased by 1.3% to a score of 76. Google recorded a 4% drop in 2019, however, it remains at the top with an ASCI score of 79. You may also note that Yahoo! is moving in a positive direction. Unlike the rest of the industry, it climbed 3% to an ASCI score of 72, and Yahoo! is the only search engine that showed a gain in customer satisfaction.

A lot of search and information websites cluster together with an ASCI score of 71, and all these sites display a decline in customer satisfaction. AOL declined 4%, and Microsoft’s Bing as well as MSN dip 1%. Lastly, ranked in the last place with a 1% drop to an ASCI score of 70.

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